Lars Doyer

Lars Doyer

Associate Partner

Lars is fascinated by human dynamics and the power of connection. He is passionate about personal and organizational development and loves working in situations where transition and transformation are at play. He is an expert in facilitating people with different perspectives and interest to cocreate new approaches to handle complex challenges.

Lars has a background in labour law, labour relations and sustainable employership and is the co-author of the books ‘The art of negotiation based on enduring relations’ (2012) also in Dutch (2nd edition: 2018), Vietnamese, Spanish and Turkish and ‘Onderstromen in de polder’ (2014) and several articles on labour relations and organizational change.

Lars facilitated, build and lead change- and cocreation-programs within organizations such as Ahold, ANWB, Bouwend Nederland, Bavaria, BumaStemra, DB Cargo NL, Enexis, FME, IUCN, KLM, KPN, PMI, NN and ZeelandSeaports. Lars is co-creator of and lecturer in the executive course Strategic HRM: People&Change of AWVN and Nyenrode Business School.  

Lars had developed a way of working that is based upon a mix of methods such as Whole Scale™ Change, win-win negotiating, systemic work and he is certified in methods such as Insights Discovery and LIFO.