BALI, 21-26 OCT 2018

Asia’s Next Leadership Challenge

Experience personal transformation while co-analysing and co-creating Asia’s Next Leadership Challenge.

To counter the challenges of our times Flying Elephants constantly develops methods to support transformation of organisations, teams and individuals. These methods include establishing organisational change platforms, making teams more effective, introducing branch learning labs and organising individual intensives. All by improving communication through our self-developed ValueFraming © approach.

Individual intensives are mostly week-long programs, in which individuals from different ages, professions and backgrounds join to experience a personal learning journey. By sharing your personal questions, stories and insights, and while being challenged by a variety of interventions, you find your own true answers.

The Flying Elephants’ approach has proven itself in a wide variety of Dutch/European organisational settings addressing a wide range of organisational challenges, including the toughest ones. In our first Bali Retreat July 2016, a combination of young (GenY) and experienced leaders from five Asian countries: Indonesia, China, Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam, participated. Since then we know our unique approach combining personal transformation with co-analysing and co-creating Asia’s next leadership challenge, is not only highly applicable to the Asian setting, but also very much needed and appreciated.

So it will be an intensive week in which everybody is expected to contribute a lot, but you will leave the Bali retreat with new insights and a back-pack full of culturally attuned tools & interventions that you can apply for cultural change in your own (or your client’s) organisation. Obviously, Flying Elephants is looking forward to further support you in that endeavor, if needed.

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