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The Value Scan questionnaire is based on the theory of Spiral Dynamics by developmental psychologist Clare W. Graves and seeks to understand people’s filters, motives, assumptions and logical ways of thinking.

Asking about someone’s motivation is difficult. It means asking for a level “below” or “behind” the more behavioral preferences that every human being shows. Rejections play a significantly important role in analyzing people’s values and motivations and these are asked out by denial statements. These are tough questions. The results (profile) gives a picture of a person’s preferences and there is thus no “good” or “bad” result.

The Value Scan consists of several questions. Each question has 7 propositions to which 15 points should be allocated. In order to proceed to the next question, you need to distribute all of the points. Once you finish the last question, click “process”. The results will be processed automatically.

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