Land of Now 14-18 November 2022

Beyond Self


During the lasts years dealing with Covid we have all been confronted with new realities in which our personal patterns might have played up in different ways. Everything came to a halt and you might have felt stuck in where you are, wanting different things. You had to reorganize, and start over. Where there was no room for movement then, now we open up again and look with fresh eyes to review our current situation.

This retreat is a deep dive discovering your true Self and letting go of patterns that no longer serve you. Create a shift in self-awareness to give you a better sense of direction and make you more effective in daily life.


Upcoming retreats

14-18 November 2022, at the Land of Now located in Siddeburen, The Netherlands

5-9 June, 2023, to be determined, The Netherlands


Contact Eveline or Roderik to sign up, or check out the program!


What people are saying

“Beyond Self is een ervaring beyond itself. Het is een uitnodiging om te vertragen en daardoor een ontsnapping aan het dagelijks leven. Of is het een kijkje naar de werkelijkheid?

Tijdens de retreat word je aan de hand van leuke, uitdagende, confronterende maar ook openbarende oefeningen meegenomen om patronen bloot te leggen en waar te nemen. Vervolgens worden er tools aangeboden om hiermee aan de slag te gaan om zo de patronen wat makkelijker te relativeren. Voor mij was Beyond Self een solo reis die ik in verbinding met de groep heb gemaakt. Deze ervaring kenmerkt dan ook het open karakter van het retreat. 

De begeleiding is in harmonie met elkaar, de groep en de ervaring die geboden wordt. Ze weten met hun afwisseling van humor en ernst een open en losse sfeer te creëren die huiselijk, vertrouwd en familiaal aanvoelt. Er wordt ruimte geboden om te delen, te ervaren en bovenal te lachen. 

Het verblijf is op een ideale plek om de vertraging te ervaren en in combinatie met het heerlijke eten is het een cadeautje aan jezelf. 

Beyond Self is een absolute aanrader om beter de verbinding met je zelf aan te gaan en om te ontdekken hoe je het leven óók kunt benaderen.”

                           ~~ Madhava, Netherlands


“I have learned to connect to love in an instant. I landed in my heart.”

                           ~~ Juliet, New York.


“Beyond Self is a strong, beautiful, inspiring program. A program that fully revolves around ‘you’! I have experienced deep insights and magical moments. Starting to see and experience things I thought impossible before. A true gift to yourself! Thank you for a magical journey.”

                           ~~ Floor, Netherlands


“You have created a safe and spacious place in which I was able to experience all kinds of things for which there was no place before. I had run stuck and did not know how to further develop. A whole world has opened up to me to discover without it becoming a ‘must’. Of course this new world creates new patterns but I now feel I can play and experiment and that it is okay where I am now.”

                           ~~ Lotti, Netherlands






“Pay what it’s Worth” : our concept explained

The eventual value of this program is made up of two parts: the absolute cost price of the program + the financial value you give to the program and facilitators based on your experience.

The cost price is made up of only those costs that have been incurred to make the program possible, such as the accommodation and catering. So there is no fee included for the facilitators and their facilitation of this program in any way. As we share the cost price among all participants, we only know how the costs will turn out afterwards, as it is based on the number of participants. Thus the actual invoice therefore follows afterwards. 

In  addition, to determine the value of the program and its facilitation the “Pay what it is worth” principle applies. We leave it up to you to decide afterwards what the program has been worth to you, and whether you would like to add an additional amount according to our “pay as you wish” principle.  We do not charge a price for the development of the program nor its facilitation in the cost price. What it was worth is up to you and we will include this in de final invoice.

Why “Pay what it’s Worth”?

There is a lot of cultural and personal conditioning around money and pricing. We are used to business models that are based on the notion that everyone should pay the same for the same value received.  Therefore pricing tends to move to a sort of unnecessary “perfect average”, which makes it a bargain for people with high incomes, while low incomes are excluded from participating. We believe that you should be welcome, no matter your income, and also that people with a high income can be of support to others in this way. The whole world benefits from more people that dare to take the journey inwards and become more conscious, fun and effective people. 

Price indications

Company: €2850 + Pay what it’s Worth

Private / Self-employed: Cost price (ranging between €500-€850, depending on participants) + Pay what it’s Worth

For questions, or curious about the cost price indication for the upcoming retreat right now please contact Eveline or Roderik and we are happy to give you more insight. 


                                         HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE AND TRAVEL TOGETHER BEYOND THE SELF! 


Check out some more experiences of previous participants to the journey Beyond Self below!

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