Communication = ValueFraming

Communication is at the heart of everything. Real communication is as much about telling, as it is about asking and listening. It starts with understanding the other: it should always be a dialogue, even when you are the only one talking. ValueFraming is a method to rigorously improve your communication skills and ‘on stage performance’.

"We do not think and talk about what we see; we see what we are able to think and talk about." Edgar H. Schein
"Despite the same environment, we all live in different worlds. " Arthur Schopenhauer

Communication workshops

Through dialogue

Through dialogue

ValueFraming offers a method to increase understanding of the other: your colleague, costumer and professional environment. It provides you with a broader repertoire of techniques to effectively connect and communicate with your audience. Based on ValueFraming, you will learn how to really understand, respect, and build on each other’s different perspectives. To increase your personal effectiveness, as well as team performance.

Leadership communication

When a leader enters the stage in critical situations, it’s the moment of truth. To answer the audience’s burning questions: “Why?” and, “Why with him?” The convincing answer will never be: ”Because I’m such a good manager” but rather “Because I understand you and your interests are in good hands with me”. Every successful change is about honest confrontations, open dialogues, and empathy. With customers, employees, and everyone involved.

Change communication

When a company wants to change, communication is at the heart of the process. How can we involve our people? How do we understand different stakeholder needs? Does everyone feel seen and understood in the process? Many reorganizations, company merges, or new strategies fail in implementation due to lack of supportive communication that is completely intertwined with the change process. Questions should arise like: “Who should be on stage?”, “Who is our public?” and “What is the message to be communicated in each stage of the process?”. Change communication is about understanding the different needs to be addressed in the different stages of the change process. It is about restoring the dialogue between top and bottom of the organisation, connecting extreme perspectives, and creating a pulsing a feedback loop, so everyone is informed and has the ability to co-create in the process.

Crisis communication support

In critical situations it is ever more important for organizations, teams or leaders to connect with the perspectives and needs of their audience, in order to maintain or restore the relation even though interests might differ. It requires specific attention, to get the real intentions across. Support from an outside expert can help; sometimes to support the message, sometimes to restore the dialogue. Always with the aim of resolving the crisis – which is oftentimes actually a communication crisis.

Customer communication

Especially with customer interaction, organizations can easily drift away from real connections due to product orientation and internal focus. To reverse this process, ValueFraming offers a practical set of tools and workshops that will improve customer relations. ValueFraming makes it possible to quickly and effectively recognize the needs of the other, to offer services in the right language: attuned to the specific expectations of the client.