Organizational Change

We believe that transformation requires the creation of change platforms, rather than change programs just initiated and implemented from the top. A change platform is an environment within the organization; an enabling structure and a growing movement (culture) welcoming and pushing forward envisioned changes.

Read our latests views on changing the game of change in our article or hear one of our client’s opinion in the video below (Chair of Supervisory Board Flora Holland).

"Don’t fight the existing, build the new"

From top-down to engaged initiatives

Changing the game of change

Changing the game of change

Transformational change conventionally starts at the top because companies haven’t enabled it to start anywhere else. To make deep change proactive and pervasive, the responsibility for initiating change needs to come from across the organization.

From sold to dialogue

Transformational change cannot be sustained without genuine commitment on the part of those who will be most affected. Driven by dialogue to connect extremes in perspectives: bottom up and top down, disruptive and incremental change, young and experienced professionals.

From managed to organic

Psychologist Kurt Lewin’s seminal “unfreeze-change-freeze” model still guides how most leaders think about change. But in a world that’s relentlessly evolving, anything that is frozen soon becomes irrelevant. What we need instead is constant experimentation — with new operating models, business models, and management models. Permanent movement with no set outcome from the start.

We facilitate development of change-platforms.  Effective teams, branch learning labs and individual intensives can all be part of creating and securing these change platforms.

Areas where we are currently active:

  • government
  • corporate
  • health
  • start-ups
  • cooperatives