Congruent Government Communication

(in Dutch only)

Congruent government communication provides guidance for effective government communication that meets the needs of citizens. First it describes the essences of the government and its communication, the turbulence in our society and its impact on government communication. Afterwards, this book provides advice on the interpretation of government communication. The core of this advice is the choice for a new paradigm based on two starting points: externally orientated communication and a communication style based on a positive image of mankind. Finally, it gives an outline for a work process in order to arrive at effective government communication.

Congruent government communication is written for (future) communication professionals who consider government communication as their profession. In addition, it is well suitable to make public administrators and civil servants aware of what they can and should expect from their communication professionals.

The authors Hans Siepel, Frank Regtvoort Gerald Morssinkhof and Floor de Ruiter have combined their knowledge of, experiences with and insights about communication and government. The result is a unique book on government communication that helps administrators and civil servants (‘the government’) to communicate in the service of citizens (society).

“Monitoring the integrity of the connection between the vertical and horizontal world can be seen as the core task of government communication, which requires for professionals with insight and courage concerning this area. This carefully written book is certainly a contribution to that.” — Professor J. Wallage (former secretary of state and mayor, currently professor by special appointment of Integration and Public Administration at the University of Groningen).

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