Crowdocracy: The End of Politics

The book “Crowdocracy: The End of Politics” (2016) by Alan Watkins and Iman Stratenus discusses one of the world’s most debated and critical issues: who decides our future and how should we be governed? Democracy is struggling to produce solutions to the challenges of our times. Populations feel disenfranchised with the political process, with the real power today being in the hands of a small elite.

Crowdocracy offers a radical new way forward, one that allows all of us – not just some of us – to participate in how we are governed. Using technology and the insights of crowd wisdom, Alan Watkins & Iman Stratenus describe how all of us can replace our elected officials and ultimately shape and govern our communities. A revolutionary idea that can be implemented in an evolutionary way.

Alan Watkins and Iman Stratenus have set up the The Crowd Foundation, a not-for profit organisation based in the Netherlands which aims to bring crowdocracy to life, by stimulating debate, organising gatherings, encouraging experiments and developing the technology to enable crowdocratic governance.

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