Somatic Intelligence & Leadership Embodiment

Somatic Intelligence states that body, mind, emotions and spirit are a team that influence each other constantly, whether or not we are aware of it. Training and development, and coaching have largely focussed on the mind and more recently on the emotions, but working somatically with the body provides a powerful additional door to impact performance, growth and development. 

The body can both reveal and influence our mind and emotions at work. Through simple activities and changes to posture and how you use your body you can create significant differences in your ability to lead, listen, influence, be resilient, manage stress, maintain energy levels and generally be more effective. 

The UK Somatic Intelligence & Leadership Embodiment work is led by Paul King. He has trained and worked in the field of mind-body intelligence and effectiveness for more than 25 years with both individuals and organisations. He was the first person in Europe to be certified in Leadership Embodiment. 

A Somatic Intelligence coaching session, open workshop or training programme is concerned with developing capacities for successfully meeting the challenges of the modern world and realising goals in a healthy and sustainable way. These capacities include:

  • centered presence
  • resilience
  • handling pressure and stress
  • awareness and mindfulness
  • working with energy
  • wellbeing
  • tapping into body-mind intelligence/intuition

Through various non-strenuous activities and practices you will learn about your habitual patterns of behaving and thinking; cultivating alternatives, including exploring ways to respond to the incoming pressures of life from a place of “center” rather than from your judgements and fears.

Stay tuned for the first Somatic Intelligence workshop with Paul King & Flying Elephants in Amsterdam to be organised soon!