“ValueFraming” (De Ruiter, 2011)

Forget everything you ever learned and read about communication. Everything emanating from an object, a message or an image that needs to be conveyed as effectively as possible. Go back to trusting your natural senses and recognize that real communication begins with empathy.

Everyone knows the wonder of a really intense personal conversation, characterized by a click and the real attention and mutual respect two people have for each other. Two individual frames of reference are “synched” and consequently, the message often seems to emerge almost spontaneously. ValueFraming© decodes the flow of such a conversation, and allows you, with the right preparation, to create that miracle anytime, anywhere. Not just one on one, but also with and for groups.

Empathy is sometimes more easily obtained than other times. This is why ValueFraming © offers a special guideline under the motto: “If you do not understand people, you do not understand communication”. Every person is unique, but in terms of communication this diversity shows to be composed out of a number of natural basic perspectives. Each perspective is expressed in a different color to help understand the values and emotions of both the listener as well as the speaker, in the context of an event or social development. This makes up the ‘value’ side of ValueFraming.

With the unique combination of these two approaches ValueFraming © forms a two-sided communication model, which is increasingly used in crisis communication. It is, however, above all a plea and guideline for leadership that is not focused on selling a message, but rather on creating connection, giving meaning to social developments and leading real transformations. A road that leaders like Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama have showed us. 

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