Floor de Ruiter

Partner, Co-founder

Floor is an impassioned expert in the field of organizational- and communication-culture, organizational change. As lector ‘Bottom-Up transformation’ at SDO Hogeschool he brings 10 years of experience with bottom-up change to the world. With his team of driven experts, he guides and supports organizations (public and private) in ‘radical large-scale dialogue-processes’. Each time these ‘bottom-up’ processes are delivering unexpected and exciting results (Holland Casino, Royal Flora Holland, Dutch Police). 

On communication he wrote his bestselling book “ValueFraming“, (2012, nominated Dutch management book of the year 2013) and ‘Driven by Dialogue(international, 2018).

On radical large-scale dialogue-processes, he wrote ‘Bottom-Up(2023, Boom publishers).

Floor is an emphatic but challenging facilitator of team and board meetings, initiator of Leadership on Stage (popular retreat on leadership and communication) and creator of multiple workshops on collaboration, communication and transformation.

Inspiration and experience:

* Avanteers

* Cees van Lotringen
* Boom Uitgevers
* SquareWise

Interview Managementboek
Floor de Ruiter laat de meest extreme belangen met elkaar overleggen”