Siem Riep, 1-3 DEC 2017

Women Empowerment Retreat Cambodia

Eveline de Wal and Vanh Mixap invite you to a beautiful home in nature for an intense 48- hours “end of the year reflection”: on your previous year, where you are now, and what you wish to develop for the future. During this retreat, you reflect on your personal challenges, connect with yourself and your personal desires to give you more sense of direction and purpose. Also you connect with other women of our generation, and learn from each others true challenges and help each other find their strength to bring their talents to the table. 

Do you dare to really show yourself to others, learn about each others true challenges and how you can help each other in overcoming them? If you really dare to open up, remove all your masks and have true and honest conversations, then this is the right event for you.

Please contact Vanh or Eveline if you want to know more or would like to sign up!